>Cutting edge equipment.

The Veyrière sawmill has modern efficient equipment that saws timber in accordance with the highest standards of quality: it responds quickly and efficiently to needs, yet remains a sawmill that adapts to customer orders and is flexible in its range of production possibilities..

A 250 sq metre log yard with 80 sorting positions that allow for the strictest organization of logs according to species, dimensions and qualities, to ensure optimization of the precise characteristics of sawed log lots.
A high-technology sawmill equipped with two chipper canter lines, an automatic edging system, a trimmer and equipment for automatic stacking and packing of lots.

Specialized in the sawing of quality softwood, the company has purchased the equipment required for the valorisation of wood for various purposes: It has equipment for

With an annual production of more than 35 000 m3 of logs, the company is in a position to meet its customer's orders in the best possible conditions of quality and time.

A park with top sawlogs A line of state-of-the-art sawed